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Archwing, Caelus Uranus


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my gosh why so bitter the map is just right the way it is << next to impossible>> until you figure out how to effectively do it solo or in a group.


 It's a tough map no doubt bout that but there is no elite archwing club of players that actually went in and beat that map on the first try. Many tried and failed miserably, until they figured out what works best.


 here's a tip: use a frame that has a lot of power when you put flow on, then at the beginning load up your energy to max.


 before you run in guns blazing like a drunken cowboy, scope the transmission flight path for the lowest transmitter and do that one first.


keep the enemies below and in front of you, try and keep 3 antennaes up (1 in a group does this while 2 engage and the 4th is a healer)


on a last tip for groups, at the start  communicate who is going to where <<  A, B,  C,  D. so when the enemies arrives your tactics can work for a successful run, and kill the big ship in the group and the one that latches on the antennae first. haul arse when in trouble , regen and take back  what was captured.


 And please for the love of gaming and good  game etiquette, if you die in the process and were just out of reach to be helped ( most ppl don't have hyper thrusters)  and youre the host just stay don't exit and make host migration kill the whole team..

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So I decided to try this because everyone said it was so hard.



I died before I spawned.





I joined some random mission, and before I got a chance to move-

before the mission loaded- I was already dead.









Then I finally cleanse a node from enemies - but what is that?




But... how?

There were no more enemies around?


turnes out that some dargyn glitched in a asteroid pretty far away from the node.




Okay.... the map is hard.

If it wasn't so terribly bugged , that wouldn't be so bad, but no.


Enemies don't even have to be close to nodes in order to cause a conflict!

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@ Fenrir121 lol saw you in one of the missions and you with the other 2 guys   ran after the end of the first round. what you did to me was left at the last second before I could react <<(noob move)>>.  What  your actions did for me was quite a blessing since  one of you was the host and the host migration kicked in making the other 3 rounds I played solo a breeze because no enemies spawned till the cleanup phase at the  end of the rounds and only 2 did spawn  and I got the Elytron systems as the reward at the end of the fourth round. so  thank you for that rookie move.

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I'm severely under-leveled, i have practically no mods, and I kind of suck. I still managed a round with a pug of similarly underwhelming individuals. I doubt a full geared team would have any trouble at all.


The one thing I can note, is speed. For all the talk of "Oh archwing so fast!" I have a nearly maxed Hyperion Thruster and I barely go faster than the enemies. Not to mention the difference between with Hyperion and without is fairly disappointing.  

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