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Right now I have about 67000 mastery points. I'm rank 3 and the level bar is at maximum with the message saying "Next rank in 0". However the button that triggers the test for the next rank does not appear. I've logged in and out several times but I dunno what else to do.


Thank you

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I think the mastery bar on the profile may be displaying incorrectly. I've noticed a VERY large jump in it compared to before U15, and all I've ranked up was Archwing and its weapons, and I'm not even done with that. And I'm mastery rank 14 right now, so either that bar is wrong, or Archwing and its weapons give a TON of mastery.

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Seen this a few times back in U7 or U8 days ... they will fix it, and you wont loose points. After doing the Mastery test, you will see the bar will be up a touch allready rather than starting at 0 so to say.


Shouldn't my mastery keep getting higher though? I had 47k+ mastery 2 days ago (image below) and it recently went down to 28k+ or so when I logged in.




Still monitoring my 3 day old ticket.

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