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ALL looted shotgun mod are lvl 1-3


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i leveled 3 warframes to lvl 25+ and decided to equip the unleveled STRUN shotgun on my lvl 25 rhyno, after completing 1 map and leveling the STRUN to 5 i go to the arsenal setup. and noticed ALL the mods i got for the shotgun ARE BETWEEN LVL 1=>3. I mean i have 8 pages of shotgun mods and not one is over lvl 3 while i looted some of them on maps with lvl range 10=> 20. Not sure its a bug, but i found it weird.

i never used/ leveled a shotgun before but looted plenty shotgun mods before using one

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Its not a bug, the game currently uses a system based on your weapon level for weapon mods, and warframe for warframe mods.

For instance, if your shotgun is lvl 5, you will get drops with mod levels between 1-5. If your shotgun is lvl 30, they will generally be between 25-30. This is the same for pistol/sword and frame.

The question is, do map lvl-ranges affect the rarity of the mod? (White, Green, Blue)

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