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Syndicates "purchases"


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Let's talk about a small boy John. He goes in the shop and can't see things he wants there. Then he stumbles upon a shady guy

— Pssst. Hey kid, you want some... music?

Let's say that kid agrees. There are some points at which shady guy won't sell him the stuff.

1)He don't know the kid, thus don't trust him. In this way, kid won't even be able to check out the stock.

2)Kid asks for too much of a stuff. It's suspicious for a small-timer, smells like ambush and guy may turn away the kid.

3)Kid wants the stuff shady guy don't have.


Now change the "Shady guy" to "Syndicate of a choice" and see how things are screwed. Syndicates got the stuff, they know you, that way you know what they have in stock. Following the way of common sense (which is far from being overrated, it's just a words which narrow minded would say), the "Syndicate shop" should be changed.

A)Place of the reputation

Reputation should be here, as well as ranks. However, it should NOT be a resource, more like margins at which they expand the quantity of items on their markets. This creates a problem, you'll say, just grind rep and get a free bananas, so here comes the.


The money rule the world. Even last "little-something" with PWE involved thes precious papers (Even though they move in digital form mostly). And we have money in Warframe. These little "credits" which you spend on many things. Time to make them work again.

You'll say that this is ridiculous, because you already got a lot of things to spend money on. And you will be damn right and this why I suggest

С)Special offers

What are these? These should work as a discounts (which are granted as soon as you reach the respected title among the syndicate). For examle, The Perrin Sequence is collective of traders, thus granting you a discounts for blueprints you buy on market, while Arbiters of Hexis are potential-obsessed, giving discounts at mod fusion actions, Steel Meridian are grizzled veterans which know how important it to have an aid on the battlefield, giving you more efficient and cheaper foundry gear jobs etc. Not only it will give more of the bonuses, it will also give some point of keeping your loyality to the syndicate. Because hey, interested in job with full dental?

Still, having a stable income of cores, mods and extra discounts sounds too tasty, right? So it's time for a spoon of something bitter:


Have you ever tried trading in Warframe? If the answer is no, it's limited in terms of transactions per day. This limit is tied with your rank, giving one extra transaction per day. Something like this I suggest for the syndicates. I think that 5X transactions per week would be reasonable, where X is the current level of your "title", but with some ability to stretch this limit (by about 20%) with


Syndicates are organizations. Organizations perform operations, operations, requires certain resources, some resources suffer from shortage. Here comes the offering system, which grant you an ability to offer some of your precious resources to the cause. Of course, fish don't need an umbrella, so every resource should have dynamic shortage multiplier, reflecting shortages and excesses of resources formed by syndicate "self-sustain" and player-wide offerings (No free fruits for all that ferrite you dig in Mercury, they've got tons of it!)



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This is .. actually pretty great. 

Syndicates don't feel like they have too much depth to them, and no pissing off Steel Meridian and their pathetic balls doesn't really give them that in game presence and importance outside of their tiny Syndicate window and flat numbers.


I agree completely that these organizations need to have a larger overall impact on the game and it's mechanics, much like the suggested Market discount etc etc. 


DE has stated on multiple occasions that they want Syndicates to be a long term commitment, something not to be decided lightly. I don't think their current model is developed enough to match that statement. That isn't to say that the Syndicate system is badly done, no. I just think it needs a several small tweaks/impacts to be immersive enough to meet our expectations.

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