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Make Pickups In Archwing Missions More Visible; Extend Intercept Cap Range


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Finding pickups in birdlifter missions is really, really hard (cough Proof Fragments cough). The slightly extended grab range helps, but not nearly enough, especially if you spend a lot of time shooting instead of meleeing. Mod drops especially should be a lot more visible, possibly even carated in the HUD like enemies and allies are (though that could obviously create a lot of clutter). Maybe just increase the size and/or brightness of the glowy-glitter thing that mods do. The other option, I guess, is to greatly extend the grab range on pickups, so that you just have to fly through an area you recently shot up in order to get the pickups. You'd still have to remember and take the time to do it, you just don't have to stop and squint at the screen for a while trying to make sure you didn't miss something.


While I'm at it, I think the capture range on intercept nodes is really, really small. On foot, the range is fine—it's confined, but you've got room to duck and dodge as needed to stay alive. In archwing missions, capping a node means soaking up everything any enemy shoots at you, because you can't dodge or take cover without leaving cap range. 

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