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De, You Are Awesome. But Can We Polish What We Already Have?


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Thank you, Steve & the crazy crew of DE for pouring your hearts into this game. 


It's clear to me that Archwing is alpha quality, but you booted it out of the door to give us a taste of what is to come. 

There are so many cool systems in this game, but most in need of a polish. 


Archwing and syndicates are goint to get the grunt of the next few updates to stabilize them. Please DON'T MOVE AWAY TO SOON. I want to see the other mission types waiting for us, and the next Archwings and weapons which will be revealed. 


And please be open to drastically changing Archwing mechanics. It is a bit raw and shallow. 


Hope to see more syndicates arrive too. And they need to have their relationships balanced. Right now there are a few advantadgeous choices, picking certain Syndicates can give you high ranks on up to 4 of them with around 90% efficiency. Some syndicates picked the short straw and are hosed though. 

Overall, the Syndicate stuff seems to be much closer to finished than the Archwing part. We need to be able to scale the sigils to even smaller sizes though.


As is your MO, I foresee the weekly weapon release go on an Archwing streak for some time. Just don't forget Warframes OK? 


After this crunch, please revisit:


Making past Events come back as Quests. 


Overhaul for Dark Sectors, Dark Sectors 2.0. It is a sorry mess. 

Status 2.0. Procs that proc procs ;)


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And while at it, reduce rank 10 mods to rank 5. Thanks.

I hope this would also include the numbers to be toned down as well?


Anyway I agree with the OP, now that we have lots of content to play around with for a while I think DE should focus a bit more on polishing it and past content. 


No offense to DE but they tend to go on "Content Sprees" and slightly forget to polish said content until a while later, but with how many bugfixes and changes going on about the new update I hope this means they've learned not to put it off.

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