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An Idea For 1 Portion Of Endgame


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An Idea for 1 portion of Endgame:


The Corpus Research Lab.


Lotus: "The corpus have been using scavenged Orakin technology to create new weapons systems that will upset the power balance of the system. We need you to go in, gather intel on their progress, and try and set them back by destroying any prototypes they may have developed.  We do not know all the details, but we do know that the lab is a vast complex and very heavily guarded."


"Gather your team Tenno, and good luck."


Area 1.


This area is a gather intel and mobile defense area. The team must gather 4 modules from different rooms (fairly close together) and insert them in a central console.  Corpus troops will pour from different spawn points the entire time. 75% of the AI will prioritize any Tenno carrying a module until all modules are inserted into the central console. The remaining 25% will target the console itself. If the console is destroyed the mission fails. After the last module is placed, respawns will cease, and all remaining corpus troops will prioritize destroying the console.  (A counter will appear telling the team how many corpus are left)


Once all corpus are destroyed Lotus will let the party know: 


“There seems to be no more resistance for the moment Tenno, we are in the process of downloading the Intel……Wait something just came up on the scanner…….Prepare Tenno there is a large unknown mass rising from below “.


Boss #1:




“We have no knowledge of this new unit Tenno, this must be one of the prototypes. Destroy it. We cannot allow it to interrupt the data transfer”


Mobile Defense and Fabrication Unit (MDFU 1.0)


Rising from a circle (elevator somewhere near the console) is a Moa 4X the size of a standard Rail gun moa. Instead of 1 rail gun at the top, it will have 4, 2 on each side of a central Box, similar to the ones used to spawn moa. The rail guns can independently target. The MDFU will ignore the console and concentrate on damaging the Tenno. (let the devs set damage). Every 15 seconds the MDFU will spawn 4 standard units at random from the following

  1. Shockwave moa
  2. Shield draining osprey
  3. Standard moa
  4. Rail gun moa.
  5. Bomber osprey
  6. Shield osprey

Any unit spawned from the MDFU will target the console, unless it is support.




Rail guns will target only Tenno. 1 each unless there is a death, upon the death of any Tenno the rail gun that was targeting them will shift to the console.

MDFU will prefer to stay at range.

Every 10% health lost by MDFU, shields will regenerate to full

At 50% health shields will regenerate to full and the MDFU will charge nearest Tenno and issue a series of three shockwave like abilities 2 seconds apart.

  1. Standard shockwave, cannot be resisted, only jumped over
  2. Incapacitate wave (works just like a disruptors arm attack, stripping shields and power) can only be jumped over.
  3. Corrosive wave (-200 health + dot for 20 health a second for 10 seconds) cannot be avoided, but is blocked by shields.


At 25% MDFU repeats what it did at 50% and sends out a signal for reinforcements. Crewmen start spawning from initial spawn points and rush the console.


Consequences of console degradation:


Console does not regenerate health.

Every 10% console is damaged MDFU spawns raise by 5 levels, and spawns 1 extra random unit during the next MDFU spawn cycle up to a maximum of 10 spawns. All crewmen spawn at the level of the fabricated moas.

At 25, 50 and 75% console damage MDFU rail gun gets the following buffs

25%: +15% damage

50%: Rail gun stagger becomes knockdown

75%: MDFU spawns a pet cycle and rushes console concentrating all fire on console.


Addendum: all spawns start at 10 levels above the highest level Tenno, or weapon in the group.

Now just dream about what the drop would be: D


I leave AREA 2 to the next person in the thread.

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