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32 Bit System


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Some more information would go a long way in troubleshooting the issue.


Information that would probably help:

 - Operating System

 - Processor Model

 - System RAM

 - Graphics Card Model


At what point do you crash? What do you see when the game crashes? Are you able to get to the login screen or past the login screen?

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i already sent support ticket tho.






already doing this.




i never crash at u14. clean performance and gameplay.


i just crash randomly. it just like sometimes i crash sometimes i dont.


the point is i dont have any issue at u14. when u15 came boom. crashed.


i able to get past loading screen. i crash at mission often, sometimes i dont crash. thats it.


any information that you want to know more?


i have solid fps at mission 60-100 fps. i dont have any other issue than crash randomly. can't control it.


i already disable drx 11 and 10 at the launcher option. already optimized too.


and tell me what cause this, my system? or just your bug that need to be fixed asap. coz i cant play and enjoy your new content (u15) since its came out which is sucks and sad. i have no prob at u14.

and dont tell me i need to upgrade to 64bit. yes i will. i just dont have time. got busy in real life.


only playing this Warframe when taking a break, which i cant for now.


plzz DE. fix it. SOON.


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another crash code: WAR-348739


this happen when i play with directx 11 ticked. i check list the directx 11. with above information and at u14 i have ticked directx 11 with no problem.


does it mean directx 11 and 32bit still not sync together?

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