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Kela The Thaym Inside Ground


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Been running this whole day now, trying to get BP and it is not dropping any.. so far not sure it is a bug (maybe the % is too low to even be able to drop anything since the update) but that's not the issue here.

Problem is: she decided to go inside one of the big boulders under the platform and attack from there, and never came out again, so we couldn't hit her(couldn't even see her).. we had to leave emptyhanded.


I've encountered several situations which enemies would go inside walls, lockers, boxes, ground and such, but except once that it was an extermination mission(but we still found a way to handle it) that was not exactly a problem.. still not supposed to happen, but wasn't really an issue, but now a boss doing that too? C'mon.. how are we going to do some cleaning if they find secret doors through which we can't follow?

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