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Joining A Syndicate With Negative Points


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You then must raise thier rep by fighting for thier ally.


If you cant do that, then youre screwed.

I can't cause their allies are also enemies to my current Syndicate, so I have negative points in both.


There must be a way, after all this I really can't imagine to be screwed like this. No one f**king told us such a game breaking aspect??

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Without remorses?


It's not like Tenno are more than mercenaries anyway...


And syndicate system will probably be reworked, here's why:



Point is, due to the insane reputation points system I was planning to join my favourite Syndicate as the last one, when I got all the mods from the other factions.

That's why I left Arbiters as the last Syndicate to join and started with the opposite side, Red Veil.


But now I'm stuck and apparently I won't be able to join the Syndicate I was planning to stand with for lore reasons. This system is really, really insane.


Are those sigils tradable?

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