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I'm Pretty Sure 1035 Is Not A 20% Increase From 1000


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Base shields. Your shields at rank 0.

that would make make my total shields be 1030, or 870x1.15 + 150x0.2, but right now they look like 870x1.15 + 175x0.2. I am really confused. Where did that 175 come from?

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- Archwing takes the total shield multiplied by 1.15 for to calculate its own shield


- If you add the +20% shield archwing mod, these 20% is taken from the base shield from the warframe multiplied by 1.15



Level 30 ember with max redirection and archwing mod with +20% shield

base shield = 100

total shield ember = 740


Archwing shield = ((740-100)+100*1.2)*1.15 = 874

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