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Limbo Feedback, Suggestion To Change In Abilities


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Limbo is an awesome concept, but it is a bit lacking. let me give you some ideas fo a skill rework.


Banish & Rift Walk: Combine them into a single skill, 'Open Rift'.


It would create a rift portal at the reticule's target.

The portal's radius is 2/3/4/5 meters. It is spherical and can target airborne creatures. 

Whomever steps in it, or is in it when cast goes to the rift. It is a one-way ticket and affected targets go one way only once. 

The rift makes the affected characters (AI or players) to walk on either direction. 

Cost: 10 to cast + 15 per character traveling on either way. This additional traveling cost does not apply to characters with the 'rift walker' attribute (currently only the Limbo Warframe). So either the caster or other Limbo players can rift walk on any portal at no additional cost to the caster but creating the portal. 


Enemies Traveling on either direction are knocked down.


Merging both skills, there is the second skill slot free. To which I introduce: 


Rift Armor


The Rift Armor Creates a copy of Limbo ( A Limbo Decoy), which stands on its place and shoots enemies, attracting their attention. 

The shots don't do damage, but each shot increases damage taken by the enemy by 10%. 

The Limbo Decoy has 1000/2000/3000/4000 hp (affected by power strength). Its health decays at 100hp/sec outside the rift, or 50 hp/second inside the rift. Decay speed is affected by Limbo's efficiency mods.


But the Rift Armor has another use: ANY Warframe who walks/bumps into it will have the rift armor enshroud him. 


Rift Armor effects: Gives the Shrouded player a 1000/2000/3000/4000 HP extra health bar, or as much as was left from the Decoy's HP when the player stepped in, which take damage before shields and life. 

Each proc suffered will be neutralized at the cost of 400 HP. 

Armored player will have +2 energy regeneration. Does NOT stack with Rift energy regen, because it IS the rift regen. Stacks with Energy Siphon though. 

Rift armor decays at the rate of 100 HP per second outside the rift, and 50 HP per second inside the rift. Efficiency mods of the wearer affect this decay. 


Multiple Rift Armors can be cast, but its decay rate will be multiplied by the number of simultaneous Rift Armors in effect. Ex: 2 Rift Armors simultaneously = -200hp/sec outside the rift.





Rift Surge: In addition to its already existing effect, enemies are slowed down 15/30/45/60%. Affected by power strength.


Cataclysm: Add a Blast knockdown to final end-of-skill damage. 

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cant say i like any of your ideas.


Limbo is nearly fine the way it is. the only thing which annoys the heck out of me is banish beeing single target.

I glady trade the damage it does for beeing some sort of multi target. for example basnish the target and everthing with a 3m radius int the rift.

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Well combining the primary and secondary aim to make a self/single target/multi-target skill to banish/unbanish.  


I just think it makes more sense to have a single "BAMF!" skill to give a one-way ticket to whomever is in range of the ability. 


It assigns one of your concerns (multi-target) and was also prompted by the devs themselves saying they were not yet satisfied with the varied, limited uses of skill & players desire to banish/unbanish targets whenever they want.


That made room for a slot to which I though would be a good idea to add some utility/defense combo. 


The other skills, I just think they need a little bit of more oomph.

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