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Suggestion For Soul Punch Augment


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One thing that the warframe community can unanimously agree upon, is that Nekros' soul punch is extremely underpowered. What I'm suggesting as an augment for the ability would add utility to it. It's called Vampiric Hunger When cast, the ability converts a percentage of the damage done into health for nekros. In addition to this, if the initial target is killed by the ability, nekros "consumes it's soul" and takes its place. Similar to switch teleport, but only one way. This could be accomplished by a shadowy energy affect as the dead enemy is turned into nekros. So in summation, soul punch would get a percentage of health steal and "teleportation" . Thoughts?

Edit:I'm aware of the soul survivor augment that already exists. However, I hope DE doesn't plan on stopping at one augment per ability.

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