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The Uzumaki clan is looking for members!

We have over 80 active and helpful members with and without experience so new members fear not if you are also a new player as there are others with whom you'll get along just fine. We are also members of the Tenno Above All alliance which gives us even more interactivity amongst more players.





Join our clan to explore our dojo! The dojo may seem to be finished, but the Kage adds more as DE adds to the game. Our lab research is nearly completed which means joining can grant you access to many new weapons, warframes, sentinels, and items immediately. So far we have a basement and 3 floors which you will see for yourself when you join!


First come first serve for Jounin and Anbu members: You can claim a dojo room to color to your liking by telling the Kage. He will note your claim on the room's console and that you are its painter.


Sannin have their own statue rooms that they may decorate as they please and may decorate designated rooms connected to their rooms or on their floor.





Every member starts out as an Academy Student* then gains rank which in turn gives them power in our clan. With each rank, the new power earned is added to the amount of clan control held by your previous rank. The first two promotions can be earned by reaching mastery rank 3 then 6. Afterward, higher rank can be earned by active participation within the clan.


Those two ways of ranking are our secondary methods with our primary being a show of skill in one of our dojo's duel rooms. In the presence of the top 4 ranks (Jounin, Anbu,​ Sannin, and Kage), you can challenge another member of equal or higher rank to a duel for a promotion. A winning round is only counted if won by bleedout.


Promotions occur once a day per member. In the case of a duel-based promotion, the member who does not win the match may not be considered for promotion by fighting that same player again (they may challenge another member for promotion).


Academy Student: All students may host the dojo and start any untouched research projects.


Genin: Able invite other players into the clan.


Chuunin: Able to adjust the clan tax rate as they wish and will automatically use the clan's resources to fund research, rooms, and decorations in place of their personal collection until the clan vault is empty.


Jounin: Able to promote other members.


Anbu**: Able to kick other players out of the clan. 


Sannin***: Able to construct and deploy solar rails which in turn gives Sannin the ability to send our clan into war.


Kage: Leader of the clan.


Members are kicked according to rank and time: Academy Students for being offline for 30 days, Genin for 60, Chuunin for 70, Jounin for 80, etc.


Clan Voting System

Whenever our clan votes on a subject/topic/change, the value of each member's votes are considered by rank. Please message me with your poll selection if you are of a rank with a vote counting as more than a single vote so I can count your additional value when adding rank to the results. You can also simply tell me in the ingame chat when I'm online and I will take note of it.


Academy Student/Genin: 1 vote is equal to 1 vote.


Chuunin/Jounin: 1 vote is equal to 1.5 votes.


Anbu/Sannin: 1 vote is equal to 2 votes.





Clan Leaders

The clan's Sannin will participate in an overall competition for greatest Sannin and the highest value prize of 150 platinum. Sannin will be scored on their previous week performance: top kills, longest T4 Survival time, latest T4 Defense and Interception stay; most damage dealt and most kills in a T4 Exterminate with the Kage, and the win of a Sannin-only dueling tournament. The winner will not be considered for the next Clan Leaders competition though they can participate and will be eligible to win again in the following competition. 150 Platinum


Clan Leaders Scoring:

Most kills - 5

Survival - 5

Defense - 5

Interception - 5

T4E Damage Dealt - 3

T4E Most Kills - 3

Tournament Win - 10


1v1 Tournament

In a regular bracket format, participating members will duel each other for the best 2 out of 3 full matches with the winner moving on to duel the winners of other pairings until there is one person remaining as the winner of the tournament. The champion will receive his/her prize and the results will be posted here until the end of the next 1v1 Tournament. High Value Prize



Melee Madness

Participating members will join the Kage in a T2 Defense. Competitors will compete for most melee kills for 5 waves or until the mission is failed. The member with the most melee kills wins unless there are at least 3 matches worth of participating members, then the members with the most of their missions will join the kage for a second round in T3 Mobile Defense. With more participants, more missions will be played. Medium Value Prize



The Pros

The top 3 members with the most kills in the previous week will join the Kage in a T4 Exterminate to outkill each other. The Kage will revive any fallen members. Medium Value Prize


Pest Control

The Kage will host T1 Exterminate missions with the company of 3 different Academy Students and Genin per mission. The members with the highest damage dealt by the end of the missions will go on to play a T2 Exterminate where they will compete for most kills. The Kage will revive any fallen members. Low Value Prize




Any member who holds the title for longest survival time for 3 consecutive weeks will receive a prize. Valid locations for survival are Pluto and T4. Low Value Prize



Winners of these competitions, other than Clan Leaders and Survivalist, will have the choice of 3 prizes of the appropriate caliber. In order to receive their prize, the winner must trade 1 Rare Fusion Core (Golden Fusion Core). In the case of a draw during any competition, the conflict will be settled by dueling unless one of the tied members decides to stand down.




Our clan leader, the Kage, is Joenorthrup and is obviously into manga and anime (mostly Naruto) and loves muay thai and science. He's an engineering student in college and has a needy girlfriend, but still manages to get online every day and help out his fellow clan members when he's needed. He's also typing in the third person at this very moment just for you guys.


Current Sannin

Sv052196 (The Original Sannin) - available for challenging

DarkBlueNinja (The Executive Officer) - available for challenging

BewareTheMustache (The White Shadow) - available for challenging

Bonesaw_500 (The Brawler) - available for challenging

Matt_Tseng1 (The One Who Knocks) - available for challenging



If you would like to join our clan, please leave a message and I will reach out to you as soon as possible.


*Players who join our clan with a mastery rank of at least 3 will be promoted to Genin and those with a mastery rank of at least 6 will be promoted to Chuunin.


**Due to the Anbu's expulsion ability, there is a limit of 10 unless the clan size becomes larger than 110, then it is 10% of the total clan members. ex: 132 members means there can be 13 Anbu members. To become an Anbu, the member must be a Jounin and challenge a current Anbu for their rank. The two members will join the Kage or a Sannin in an Orokin Void mission of his/her choice to outscore one another in all aspects of the mission. The challenger must win to qualify for a best 2 out of 3 full matches duel against the challenged Anbu. If the challenger wins both tasks, he/she gains the rank of Anbu and the other is demoted to Jounin. If there is available space for new Anbu, there is no challenge or duel. The member must go with the Kage or a Sannin into a mission and meet their set mission score requirements (at least 5 scores) (the Kage always chooses T1 Capture and completes it as fast as possible leaving the member with the remaining time to reach the requirements. He requires at least 50 kills, 1 headshot, 10 melee kills, 20% accuracy if greater than 0%, and 200 items collected). New Anbu can not be challenged for a week, afterward they must accept any official challenges.


***Due to the power of the Sannin, there is a limit of only 5 in our clan. To become a Sannin, the member must be an Anbu and challenge a Sannin for their position in the presence of the Kage. They need to use one T4 Key of their choice to invite the challenged Sannin and the Kage into for the challenger and challenged to compete for whatever the Sannin decides (most kills, most damage dealt, most headshots, most melee kills, best accuracy, or least damage taken). The challenger must win to qualify for a duel for best 2 out of 3 full matches. Winning this qualifies the challenger to join the Kage for a tower mission for the final point which is won by having the best scores (having the most orange scores). New Sannin can not be challenged for a month, afterward they must accept any official challenges (when the Kage is online).

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