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Hotfix 15.0.7


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Hotfix 15.0.7




• Added a final summary line to the Codex when viewing the completed Archwing Quest.

• Added a visual effect to Furious Javelin which will grow in intensity the more times it is cast.

• Added in a new Power Menu input for binding when using a gamepad. The old power cycling/activating old remains for players wishing to use this configuration but the Power Menu option is now on by default.


Game Optimizations:


*Note: The following game/memory performance changes should help alleviate a number of win32 related crashes while also improve the overall load times on all systems.


• Improved the Vectis Scope visuals.

• Improved the performance of multiple transmissions.

• Improved loading screen performance.

• Improved the performance of multiple UI elements seen on the Liset.

• Improved the performance of the Stalker's initial loading into a level.

• Improved the collision of the Hecate Syandana on the Rhino warframe.

• Improved the performance of numerous in game sound effects.Adjusted the position of the Sun in the Ice Planet tileset skybox.




• Tweaked the Banish cast animation and increased casting speeds.

• On going Syndicate Offering UI improvements.

• Glass windows in Archwing missions can now be flown through without taking damage.

• Toned down the Archwing hit reaction animations.

• Tweaked a number of Stalker sound effects.




• Fixed an issue with the game pad bindings for Crouch was appearing incorrectly.

• Fixed a number of display issues seen on the End of Match results screen.

• Fixed an issue with Archwing abilities using incorrect stats.

• Fixed an issue with Void laser traps still harming Limbo while in Rift Walk mode.

• Fixed an issue with gravity building up during repeated casts of Zephyr's Tail Wind.

• Fixed an issue with Nav Segments not properly dropping from the Phobos Boss.

• Fixed an issue with incorrect Master Ranks being displayed on the Profile Screen.

• Fixed an issue with Coolant Leak removing Snow Globe slow on enemies.

• Fixed some geometry clipping issues seen on certain Ice Planet tilesets.

• Fixed the charge damage multiplier not working correctly for the Opticor.

• Fixed a number of broken art and lighting assets seen in numerous Ice Planet tiles.

• Fixed an issue with Clients not hearing Grineer Skiff sound effects correctly.

• Fixed an issue with Phorid bolts damaging Limbo whilst Rift Walking.

• Fixed an issue with erroneous Elytron Wing descriptions.

• Fixed an issue with certain Ice Planet tilesets missing proper minimaps and thus breaking waypoints.

• Fixed an instance of Bladestorm attacks getting stuck as continually in use.

• Fixed an issue with broken Beastmaster item pickups.

• Fixed an issue certain art assets clipping into certain Archwing tilesets causing potential progression stoppers.

• Fixed Bloomer explosion visual effects not appearing correctly for clients.

• Fixed the HUD marker for Demolitions Archwing abilities registering and appearing incorrectly.

• Fixed an issue with clicking on the top menu while inside Clan Stats causing the menu system to break.

• Fixed an issue where selecting a color picker would cause the currently equipped color to be switched to an incorrect color selection.

• Fixed an issue with erroneous Infested art assets appearing in certain Ice Planet tilesets.

• Fixed an issue with the Beastmaster boomerang switching hands when equipping and throwing.


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