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Hotfix 15.0.7


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There is a few important visual bugs I must point out which have not yet been fixed and have been around for quite some time:


[~] More and more of armor cosmetic pieces appear out of place due to abnormal shininess effect under different lighting conditions in the levels.


[~] My character head (nekros) often starts facing random and rather awkward directions and positions for no reason troughout the mission.


[~] Many cosmetic armor pieces do not get coated in same ability effects that surround warframes such as Mirage when using Eclipse. For example Edo chestplate and Pyra syandana.

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More bugs to report...


[~] ***EDIT*** I just managed to recreate this bug, and it appears to be widespread to all warframes. Doing directional attack while jumping and facing upwards with a ranged weapon equipped will place the ranged weapon into holster state and does not return it back into the users hands after the animation is done.


[~] Completed a 600pts worth syndicate Cephalon Suda mission, and one of the listed rewards was "Large Health Kit" it even had one of the old retired single use items icon on it. (I did not actually recieve the item afterwards though).

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Game Optimizations:
*Note: The following game/memory performance changes should help alleviate a number of win32 related crashes while also improve the overall load times on all systems.
• Improved the Vectis Scope visuals.
• Improved the performance of multiple transmissions.
• Improved loading screen performance.
• Improved the performance of multiple UI elements seen on the Liset.
• Improved the performance of the Stalker's initial loading into a level.
• Improved the collision of the Hecate Syandana on the Rhino warframe.
• Improved the performance of numerous in game sound effects.Adjusted the position of the Sun in the Ice Planet tileset skybox.


Yeah, it didint work. i was able to finnaly load into a mission. And then it crashed again about 2 minutes in. Still broke

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