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Visual Bug ?


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I'm not sure what caused this but after the latest update my stuff looks pretty much like this:




Glaxion already looks a bit too "glossy" than i remember even when i'm in the loadout menu (but at least i can clearly see the color pattern i gave to it), but during a mission every "attachment" on my warframe (so weapons and cosmetics) have this weird bright glossy-mirror like pattern.

However when i'm in my own ship the weapons and attachments look "normal".

Is it a game bug or is the problem on my end ?

Thank you for your time.

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Post by DE Kary:


Note:  Only items that are new as of U15 have PBR materials, the others with a similar effect are old materials piggy backing on some of the tech that had to be developed for PBR.  


For non-PBR materials it is the zone map mipped by the glossiness of the textures.  They need some more tweaks to the shine and gloss of the shaders and more importantly new (more representative) zone maps in the game.  Right now many of the rooms in the game have cube maps that don't feel connected to the space you're in, IE:  A blue Corpus room being reflected in a green Grineer space.  That can leave you feeling disconnected from the space and play hell on your tinting.  That is something both PBR and regular materials will be suffering from for awhile as we work back through all the rooms in the game. 


The Blinn Phong materials (the older materials using zone maps) won't tint as well as the PBR materials, but over the next few months we will switch most of these to PBR and hope it'll be a fairly seamless experience.  


tl;dr:  Work in progress :|.


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