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Melee Attachments Size Glitches


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Did some testing myself and discovered the following!

Orthos, Orthos Prime, Serro

((The Pazza, Daman Sugatra, Suraka and Tantu are all super huge; Daman and Vala Sugatra look normal ))




Kogake and Obex

(( Pazza and Tantu are very huge while the Suraka and Daman are very small ))




Throwing weapons (Kestrel, Glaive, Glaive Prime, Halikar)


Fist Weapons (Furax, Ankyros, Ankyros Prime)


2H Weapons (Magistar, Bo and BoMk1, Bo Prime, Amphis, Fragor, Scindo, Scindo Prime, Ether Reaper, Hate, Reaper Prime, Jat Kittag Gram)


Dual Weapons (Nami Skyla, Kronen, Ether Swords, Ether Daggers, Heat Swords, Heat Daggers, Dual Ichors, Dual Kamas, Dual Skanas, Dual Cleavers, Fang, Fang Prime, Dual Zoren)
((Daman and Vala Sugatra are super tiny; while the rest are normal))




1H Weapons (Mire, Nami Solo, Pangolin Sword, Skana, Skana Prime, Cronus, Ceramic Dagger, Dark Sword, Dark Dagger, Ether Sword, Heat Dagger, Heat Sword, Jaw Sword, Karyst, Kama, Machete, Machete Wraith, Prova, Prova Vandal, Plasma Sword, Sheev, Nikana, Dragon Nikana)


Whips (Scoliac, Lecta, Atterax)


Claws (Venka)

((Vala Sugatra and Daman are very tiny; Pazza is very huge; Daman Sugatra, Tantu and Suraka are normal))


And as Relwynd stated, yes, on Silva and Agis all of the attachments are *very* tiny, albeit very adorably so.

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