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Bullpup Concept


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I`ve been thinkin for some time now in submit a little something for this game, so why not a concept

It`s just an idea, iv'e only worked like 30 minutes on it, but i think there`s a lack of bullpup guns in warframe, so here you are, i would work a little more on it but im not sure if it's worth it, if you like it let me know and maybe i keep working on it, or maybe someone at DE pick it up and start where i left

plz don't laugh, it would brake my heart 


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I'm always for new and more weapons so yeah, bring it.  But until then, the Burston I believe, is a bull-pup design.   (the action is located aft of the trigger assembly.  This allows the weapon to retain a longer barrel for better ballistics while simultaneously reducing the overall weapon length for a more compact profile)  The Burston is not considered to be a great end-game weapon, but honestly, I think if you are partial to bull pups and you put enough forma into it, it can be very effective.  And it looks pretty sweet.

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