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Will Trinity Ever Get Some Love?


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I love Trinity because she is the best frame for me to cut loose with and not get messed up the moment someone has to bother me in real life and i can make sure the whole team is happy by healing them. Healing has always been my thing in games. My friends said i should get a rhino or another frame but Trinity was my goal when i finally understood how to play this game. She was my first goal.


I don't know where i was fully going with this but i was hoping at some point she would get her immortal skin but as i hear she needs a model rework? But i thought DE didn't want to change any of the models and that the frames looks where final? Then i heard her skirt was suppose to get those prongs on them to be flexible. If some changes happen don't change the Aura Trinity Helmet. I love that one so much on her.


Sorry for rambling.

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