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Update 15 Feedback


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Caveat: I won't be putting forth any solutions to problem I have. I'm not a programmer nor do I claim to have any idea regarding how to balance weapons or anything. This is simply feedback regarding the most recent update. This is a highly subjective review and should thus be taken with a grain of salt. I fully recognize that many people will have different experiences than myself and I am not attempting to say I am objectively correct regarding anything below. If anyone chooses to respond, bear in mind that I will most likely not look at this thread again as I am not looking for help; I am simply providing user feedback to the devs.

New weapons:

Opticor: useless. Completely worthless. The slow attack speed, jamming, tiny aoe and inability to hold a charge means this gun has absolutely no place. High damage is great. Infinite range with no drop off and perfect accuracy is great. Not being able to fire and immediately start charging a second shot is not.

Halikar: this weapon would be very nice except for two problems. First is that it doesn't go where you aim it. Regardless of where I point my reticule, this thing is being thrown directly at the ground and then bouncing to where my reticule is pointing. Of course, this means that if anything is lower than my waist and in between my frame and my target; that target is 100% protected. The second problem is that it has around 20m of range on it. Actual numbers are difficult as it doesn't fly straight and I have been getting situations where I will throw at something 24m away ten times in a row and hit 3/10 times without moving. I should be able to get consistent numbers on my weapons.


Controls: this was a terribly designed and implemented system. Attacking enemies is clumsy, inaccurate and frustrating. Enemies attempting to dodge attacks is fine; but enemies being more maneuverable and having 100% accuracy is not. I understand it's a three dimensional battlefield, but I can't even find the enemies most of the time. I play using a controller and as this update will be introduced to the consoles at some point; there needs to be something done to help the accuracy of controller users*. The enemies are rarely bigger than dots on my screen (which is a 42" LED flat screen) and trying to hit a specific dot that is moving is nearly impossible. Basically, if I want to kill anything I have to melee it. So I stopped doing archwing missions.

Missions: exterminate missions are not fun. Normally I enjoy exterminate missions as I can roll through and try new techniques or frames without worrying about spawns killing me. That being said; I can't stand these missions with the archwing due to the terrible system. Trench run type missions aren't nearly as bad; but the open space ones take so long and have no reward. A little over a thousand credits for the one on mercury. No resources, very little affinity. No mods. Not even credit drops. No lockers or breakable containers to destroy. There needs to be something that you get for completing these missions. The enemies are far stronger than the corresponding non-archwing enemies and have ridiculous density. Attack a single enemy and you are guaranteed to have 5-10 enemies to fight. No chance to stealth. No intelligent pulling. Just a straight up slug fest in which the space ninja is the slowest, least maneuverable thing involved. The enemies close 300m in less than a second; have 100% accuracy even when I'm moving and using the barrel roll/dodge and dodge my rifle shots with such ease hitting more than 5 shots in 50 is a good accuracy rating.

I've played one interception mission and due to the mapping problems (greater detail on that to come) I will not be playing another one until something changes. It's simply not worth the frustration. I don't care how well other people are doing; something needs to change cause I only ever found two of the four locations.

Mini-map: this topic needs it's only section. Simply put; the mini map is so terrible for archwing it actually makes me angry. I don't need a 3-dimensional map or even a second mini map which handles elevation. All I need is something telling me which direction I am currently facing. Turn the triangle into an arrow. Turn it into a circle with a point on one side. I don't care; but a triangle is so stupid it really calls into question the intelligence of the entire development team. Combine that with not having ANY distinguishing marks on the mini map which can be used for reference and you end up with something that actively hurts the user. This system was obviously not internally tested. No testing team could possibly be stupid enough to green light this. At least I hope so. Also, there is a problem with distance. Specifically; enemies are either at the edge of the radar or directly on top of my icon on the radar. Makes it very difficult to determine where I need to go and whether any enemies are even close to me.

Pick-ups: they are too small and the range at which you must be to pick them up is too small. I know the range was increased while using archwing; but when you are changing the scale of the battlefield by orders of magnitude; doubling the pick up range isn't helpful. Especially when you consider that carrier has much more range on pick ups than the arch wing does. I think 100m range on pick ups would be just about right when considering the relative size change between archwing and non-archwing maps. Either that or make the items naturally show up on the mini map so we can find them. I tried using loot detector aura and still couldn't find anything. Also, mods blend in too well with the ships and asteroids. God help me if there is a mod in between me and the many many sources of light that completely blind me when I look at them.

Limbo: I would love to give feedback on this frame; but as I can't get him without playing archwing intercept missions; which I refuse to do as I explained earlier. Removing that requirement would be nice but fixing the intercept system would be better.

Mods: I definitely like the removal of ability mods; but l have a problem with getting fusion cores during archwing missions. This is the only time I will ever complain about getting fusion cores. Archwing mods only drop in archwing missions. How bout archwing missions only drop archwing mods?

That's all I can think of right now but I'll add to this thread if something occurs to me.

* please refrain from saying I should use a mouse and keyboard. It's ignorant, pointless and useless to the conversation. This game is on consoles. That means controllers are being used. I have tried using the sensitivity settings but in order to track the insanely fast moving enemies I am required to give up any semblance of accuracy.

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Further archwing issues: just tried to solo Saturn exterminate. Managed to kill the first pack of 10 enemies only dying once. The next pack I was about 600m from when I attacked. Only four enemies visible when aiming (why the targeting function gets removed when aiming is beyond me), and the second I attacked I was rushed by 23 enemies. The exterminate was to kill 67 enemies. Meaning more than a third of the enemies came after me when I attacked. They knew exactly where I was and 9 of them actually appeared from behind me. I used three revives and couldn't kill them all. Interestingly enough, the power shield stops my bullets from hitting enemies but does not stop them from shooting me. Why in the hell did I get an ability that stops me from shooting enemies and does not stop them from shooting me? That's not rhetorical. I'm genuinely curious as to the thought process behind making an ability that cannot in any way help the player. Also, going from 723 health to dead while using melee attack cut scene is bullS#&$. Sorry for the language but the only way to express exactly how terrible this system demands such language. If I could send an ancient old one through the internet I expect I wouldn't need to resort to cursing; but sadly, that hasn't been made available yet. Though I expect google to announce any day that their new "google old ones" is live and functioning. Though maybe it will be the new iphone app "iCthulu".

Also, why is the archwing so weak? The Odonata has very little hp, shields and zero armor. I would be better off using my warframe without it. I can take more damage; deal more damage and the only thing I would lose is the ability to go so fast I can't actually hit anything. I'll make that trade in a second.

By the way; if you are going to make melee a cut scene (obviously done because melee would literally be impossible to use without it), you can't make the enemies have perfect accuracy. I did not stop taking damage for even a second once I was in range of them. Didn't matter what I was doing. The melee cut scene moves faster than my camera can track; which actually causes my warframe to disappear from my screen before the camera catches up. But I'm taking bullet fire and have a laser on me the entire time. At least in my normal frame I could use turbulence. It ain't perfect, but I do get enough of a break to recharge some shields in between something slipping through.

Seriously; if I could attempt the archwing missions without the archwing I'd be happier. That is so sad I'm thinking about not playing until it's fixed. I still have other parts of the game I could play; but the archwing thing just kind of ruins it. Worked really hard to get Saturn all cleared out so I could put my drone on it and now I can't because of a update that added the experience of getting turned down by a hooker.

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