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More Gadgets (Consumables) Please


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Currently there aren't a lot of choices for extra gear (AKA Consumables). Yes we have specters and health/energy/shield/ammo team resupply, but I'd like to see some extras that could be built or bought that would help a team or lone Tenno, such as (but not limited to)

-Deployable turret. We could have corpus and grineer versions. It would be nice to cover an area with a little extra stationary firepower, plus it would add an additional tactical element. And sometimes your specters get killed because they really needed to stay put. Sometimes a turret would be a better option.

-Door bypassing/breaching explosives. These would have to be more expensive then auto-hacking keys, but sometimes it would be nice to slap some explosives on a door that just sealed. I'd prefer to breach it right there rather than backtracking. plus, I feel like the Grineer would already have something like this anyhow, and the Tenno could repurpose it.

-Defib units. This would also need to be expensive to build, but how many times have you found yourself last Tenno standing in the round or few minutes left before evac. If a key team member goes down permanently, it can cost everybody the mission. Would be nice to get a player up so you could actually evac and reap the rewards of the mission. Make it inconvenient to bulid though, with oxium or long build times so that using one up isn't such an easy choice.

-Scatterable mines, trip mines, motion activated traps. I know a lot of frames have innate abilities that replicate this, but it would still be nice to have this option.

-Deployable (destructable) barriers. At least slow them down.

-Door seals. Something to lock the enemy out of an area. Make them blow the doors to get to you. It would be cool to lock down an area momentarily to give the team time to breath, reload, ect.

Any other thoughts?

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I don't know if I like your ideas, but more gear items are definitely a good idea. Specters were a good start, but they're just too expensive to be useful. I personally only use my scanner and heath, energy, and rarely ammo restores. 

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Very nice ideas, though Im not sure about the Defib units. Tenno that 'go down permanently' are actually dead.

CryEngine3 isnt advanced enough that it shows damage on living entities, but there are alternate death animations to compensate for that. So thats why dead Tenno look healthy and just not moving.

Would definitely have Turrets, to secure and reinforce a position, as well as deployable covers.
Arc Traps and others would make good motion activated traps.(Plasma Mines, Cryotic Mines, etc.)
Breaching explosives... Not very Ninja of us, but what the hell, we're not just space ninja's, we're awesome ninja soldiers
As for the door seals, each Corpus door has a small terminal next to it, so we might lock it with that. Otherwise, not so sure about them.

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Ukovalian: I thought of that too- would definitely be a hard decision to revive a teammate if it took one of your own revives, but appreciated if the team got through the mission. If that's what it took to revive a dead Tenno, it would be particularly meaningful.


Silver Seeker- we are definitely super secret ninjas, but sometimes everything goes wrong and then subtlety is no longer an option.  As ninjas, we need to be able to hold our own.   And yes, damage gear shouldn't affect your team, just the enemy.


And for when it gets really bad or when you are solo, it would be nice to have some of these.  Warframe is a great team co-op game, and is awesome when played that way.  Sometimes however, we need an extra boost to get through a mission, especially in missions where it's sometimes hard to find fellow Tenno.  FOR INSTANCE: Lets say you'd like to try an interception mission but can't find any Tenno willing to do a particular sector.  or maybe you are on that mission and some Tenno die or just leave. Or maybe you just brought the wrong Warframe to the mission.  Wouldn't it be nice to throw down a turret to hold down a capture area while you go elsewhere?    And for those that prefer to ninja solo, it would give them more tools to accomplish their missions.  As it stands right now, there are some missions that simply cannot be solo'd without severe emotional damage.  Or maybe not at all (solo).  But some additional gadgets would help.  Now I'm not saying gadgets should replace other players.  But it would sure be nice to have them as an option.  I would definitely like to hear more gadget ideas from other players. Maybe someday we'll see some of these if DE has the time and inclination. I know DE has a lot on their plate, but i also know they do listen to us.  So what kind of gadget/consumable would YOU want?

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