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Weird Tutorial Bugs?





I finally managed to install warframe on my PS4 i started tutorial but when i had an option to pickup starter weapons there were only 2 available (missing weapons: MK1-Furax/MK1-Furis and MK-1-Strun), also when i started hacking access to my ship, cipher solve time was around ~250.00, plus when i've got access to arsenal i saw that i have 12/4 revives...


So my question is i can still play or should i do something else like shot down my PS4 until DE says something...?


Thanks for the help :)

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Ok i found something like that (regarding revives https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/309547-umsince-when-did-we-have-12-revives/), also i hope that lack of those weapons in tutorial was simply unfortunate bug, so i will go back to the game but when i found something weird i will try to take a screenshot so maybe that will help to fix something.

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