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Syndicate Wallpapers! (1600X900 & 1920X1080) [Contains .psd/.sai Files]


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Normally, I'd post this to my art thread but, this would be pushing the image limit I have hit over on that thread.


So I'll post them here for you all!



(You can also check out the imgur gallery if you wanna grab them from there) http://imgur.com/a/HBLat














You can download the files for these here; https://c7476aa2aec0b5781dac919f90d8437dec3d68e4.googledrive.com/host/0B46Op5V9WVoqRTlIZy16Y0liTWc/

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I really like them, but I would say that the left portion of them feels... Empty. Perhaps a circle of the other five sigils to balance out the images. 


Also does the text in each of the pictures spell out the names of the Syndicates? 

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