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Syndicate Feedback (With Suggestions)


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With the tremendous amount of grind involved with syndicates, and the few rewards that are actually worth the effort, I felt I should share an updated opinion, some feedback, and some suggestions to improve the syndicates.

Reputation and Sigils

Reputation should be earned in the following ways:

1. Syndicate alerts

-inclusion/immersion into the syndicate

-bonus reputation for the supported syndicate

2. Syndicate quests

-inclusion/immersion into the syndicate

-more lore

-feeling of progression

-more quests

-huge bonus of reputation for the supported syndicate

-quests are issued by the syndicate leaders at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th rank +

3. Syndicate missions (assassination, capture, sabotage, deception, spy, exterminate, interception, hijack)

-more mission nodes on the star chart

-inclusion/immersion into the syndicate

-new planets/satellites?

-bonus reputation for the supported syndicate

4. Syndicate sigils (can wear 2 at a time if the syndicates are allied)

-show off your favored syndicates

-bonus reputation in regular missions

-bonus reputation for wearing both syndicate's sigils that are allied

5. Syndicate achievements

-inclusion/immersion into the syndicate

-presents challenges/goals

-more achievements

-bonus reputation for the supported syndicate

6. Ranking up should not deplete your reputation with the syndicate

-eliminates the frustration seen when you rank up and lose all of your reputation

These additions would make things less repetitive and reward players for supporting their syndicate, rather than a huge grind accompanied with the sacrifices of items that you should be EARNING, not giving away.

Syndicate Relationships

I'll just leave this here for referencing:



Syndicate relationships, as they are, are literally a last minute put-together (DE Steve said this himself in the spoiler above). Following the lore, they should be reorganized to something similar as this:

Arbiters of Hexis <-> Cephalon Suda

Perrin Sequence <-> New Loka

Red Veil <-> Steel Meridian

Red Veil x Perrin Sequence

Cephalon Suda x Steel Meridian

New Loka x Arbiters of Hexis

The rest would be neutral with each other.


The Arbiters of Hexis and Cephalon Suda share a common affinity towards the Tenno, seeking to help them achieve and progress while also benefiting themselves.

The Perrin Sequence and New Loka rely on each other to sustain themselves. Both of these syndicates could form a sustainable colony on Earth or elsewhere.

The Red Veil and Steel Meridian have been hostile towards each other in the past, but have come to a common goal. They both despise the corruption present within the Origin System, particularly the Corpus and Grineer. However, other syndicates have the potential to become corrupt as well. Forming an alliance, these syndicates fight to purge the corruption and protect the cleansed. 

Unfortunately, conflict must always arise when there are disagreements. The Perrin Sequence and Steel Meridian are still hostile towards each other from their Corpus and Grineer heritage. Steel Meridian would argue that the Perrin Sequence is already a corrupt syndicate, seeking only profit through the work of others. Perrin Sequence argues that Steel Meridian is corrupt because of their controlling nature of the colonies.

The Arbiters of Hexis and New Loka have remained at a standstill for their ideologies. New Loka's morals indicate a sense of superiority to all that is not directly of human nature. The Arbiters of Hexis have developed and changed themselves, casting aside their human characteristics for technology and enhancements. As a result, New Loka sees the Arbiters of Hexis as traitors.

The Red Veil's hatred of corruption had led them to become hostile towards the Perrin Sequence and their Corpus heritage, seeing as how their controlling influence and desire for revenue further proves the potential for corruption.

Cephalon Suda's incursions within Steel Meridian colonies, the Void, and abandoned Orokin derelicts indicate their obsession with power and knowledge. Steel Meridian sees Cephalon Suda as a threat to the colonies under their protection, and have acted accordingly, preventing Cephalon Suda from her goals. 


I will update this section should the need arise or edits are made. Please discuss and feel free to post your own suggestions/feedback in this thread.

Note 1: Consider allowing players to be able to remove themselves from certain syndicates of their choosing.

Note 2: Bring back the reputation bonus to successful missions with low Conclave, as it rewarded challenging ourselves.

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1. Low Conclave is not a Challenge.

2. Leaving a Syndicate should Result in that Syndicate Hunting you Down and Taking your Warframe and your Weapons with no way of getting them Back other than apologizing. 

3. Sigils should give you a challenge like dragon keys.

4. They should change the Prime Stuff to any Prime stuff.

5. Rep cost is alright.

6. Syndicates should give you NIghtmare Tower Key access once a day for you to gain about 5k Rep.
7. No these keys should not be tradable.

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