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Archwing Quest


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I don't think there was a mission as not fun to play as Archwing quest (new extraction mission on Venus). It's just crap.

It can't be played solo. To be more exact, I know there're some players who can play it solo, but it's marked as lvl 10 mission, which kinda means that it should be not hard even with MK1 weapons, but it can't be completed with them.

Corpus is already the hardest race IMO, and on this mission shields are lowered & whole location is long narrow corridors without cover, making it even harder. Respawns aren't balanced, in some places there're always enemies, even after ultimates they appear in several seconds, in other enemies just don't show so it's needed to run across the map to get energy for extractors.

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To be fair it is a new-ish mode, so there will be some tweaking involved.


I do agree on the mob difficulty/scaling, and it's definitely not for solo players, especially if you're just starting out. (Similar to doing a solo interception)


Maybe get a few of your clanmates/mates to tag along?


I actually found the Venus mission rather easy to do, but I did have one other player on my squad.


Archwing is still kinda broken, but it's ridiculously fun to just fly around!

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