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Imperfect World Wants To Destroy Warframe! (Admins Pls Answer^^)


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Is it true that PW bought 3%? PW is well known for killing good games like BR, another fun fest with great graphs but lastly killed by PW greed and pay2win. I buy plats in warframe because they dont actually force me to buy them, i only want plats for cosmetics or one or two resources. Heck you can even get plats by trading mods etc. Please DE dont let Perfect world have an important word in this game. I will not invest money in another pay2win-fest from pw. Thats just my opinion based on my experience with pw. I hope im horridly wrong. I would love an answer from a developer or community manager or anyone who could shed some light on this matter. I love this game and i dont want it to die.

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