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U15 Feedback From A 14 Year Old


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first off I would like thank de for the glorious update.

the first time I've actually been able to play warframe at high tr graphics settings.

Now I shall begin

Syndicates- although a cool feature I am not as hyped up about it as well as the other features. it is nice to see de taking a step toward more and game content. Due too the incredible amount of reputation needed for certain rewards it will take a while for players to complete and they are not rushing to completr in a day.

Arvhwing-A cool new game mode that will be expanded on in later updates

Limbo- Limbo is possibly my favorite warframe as of this moment. his ability to sense other than himself into the rest make him very valuable in capture missions and solo running. I don't many other players want to see him reworked, I dont for two reasons 1 he has only been out for one week, to his abilities as a very valuable and solo running.

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