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Pandolu's Store Of Cheap Crap

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Selling a bunch of Prime parts, including:





Boar Prime BP

Braton Prime BP


Dakra Prime BP


Fang Prime BP     (Two of these)


Latron Prime BP


Paris Prime BP  Gone


Sicarus Prime BP




WEAPON PARTS --- 6 PLAT EACH (Unless Otherwise Specified)


Bo Prime Ornament x1


Boar Prime Barrel x2


Boar Prime Receiver x3


Burston Prime Barrel x1


Burston Prime Stock x1


Dakra Prime Blade x2


Fang Prime Blade x1


Hikou Prime Stars x1 --- 8 Plat



Lex Prime Receiver x2


Paris Prime Grip x2


Paris Prime Lower Limb x5


Paris Prime String x1


Sicarus Prime Barrel x4


Sicarus Prime Receiver x2




WARFRAME PARTS/BP'S --- 6 PLAT EACH (Unless Otherwise Specified)


Ember Prime Helmet x1


Frost Prime Helmet x1


Mag Prime Chassis x2


Wrym Prime Systems x1 --- (10 plat)


Mag Prime BP's x5 --- (5 Plat each)


Loki Prime BP x1  --- (8 Plat)




Please buy my stuff. It clutters my inventory, I don't need it but could use the plat for warframe slots/catalysts/reactors. 


My player name is Pandolu. I'm on Oceania and may be asleep if you add me. I'll try to get back to you when I can. 


Feel free to leave a message here saying that you're adding me for X item.



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