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New Loka Sure Says Some Funny Things


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Hey, Red Veil/Steel Meridian here to ask a favor - because of my allegiances I've got no way of actually interacting with the New Loka character. Could one of you keep me up-to-date on what their stance on the Tenno is - given that the Tenno are most definitely not "pure" humans - thanks.

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@Morec0   ...just a few generic lines about helping them. Nothing controversial yet.


I'm praying for something controversial - at least SOMETHING in regards to the state of the Tenno, rather than seemingly just looking over it like they are atm.

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she's just as obvious as Ms. Lotobvious


even at the 5th mission she still wonders if I was going to help them and their cause


No, see, Loka girl knows her faction is one of the most unpopular, so she has trouble believing that a Tenno actually wants to help. It's like a dream come true for her.

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But why do she use Lotus model?

Please tell me it is of some hidden meaning and not just its a placeholder.

I think its a symbol, some of these symbolic meaning that relate to the eye usually mean:

-A vision

-Omniscience (*religion wise they believe a divine being has this trait, Lotus being the closet thing towards Orokin?) 






While some philosophies say the eye is actually a passage way towards a different dimension (void?). Some of these relates to New Loka, but I can see alot relate to Lotus.  

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