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[Not Sure If Bug] Opticor Won't 'explode' If It Hits An Unit.


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Based on my personal experience, it does have an AOE albeit a very small one which can be enhanced with a Firestorm mod. Though, it would be nice to have a more visual indication that it does have AOE.


I'm not sure what you want to add to the thread? I know that. 


I'm 90% certain there is no AOE whatsoever when scoring a direct hit.


I'm 100% certain there is an AOE when shooting a non-unit (IE the floor). 


This thread has for objective to report the inconsistency. 

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Alright. Can you demonstrate it? 


Because I have a

here showing it most definitely doesn't have an AOE on Direct Hit: 





I tested it on Kubrows afterward as well, on top of my personal experience. 


EDIT: For clarity: It doesn't matter if it's fully charged or not. I can observe an AOE in non-direct hit regardless. 

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