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Mutagen/fieldron/detonite Crafting


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12 hours to craft a single Fieldron? Really? :D

Yet, we need 8 fieldrons to start building a single weapon,

which means we gotta spend 4 days getting all needed fieldrons for a weapon,

yet in 4 days there will be at least 2 invasions daily where we will get at least 3 fieldrons per invasion...


Something seems really unbalanced here, why not make use of our ability to build all 3 of them?

Mutagen Mass, Detonite Injector, Fieldron, why not lower it to 1 hour, then we'll know we can make

8 fieldrons in 8 hours, so if someone is in rush - and wants to spend resources in crafting those stuff,

why not let him to be able to build them faster? 


It's so much faster getting them in invasions, when you compare time needed it's so much unbalanced

I bet no one ever thought of trying to craft these things, why are we even able to craft them then? O_o

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... and the Blueprints made reusable...


That too... It's really annoying getting back to Dojo to buy another one, cuz you have no idea how much you will need...


But here's the solution:

If DE really wants us to spend 15k credits for each blueprint, and another 15k to start crafting,

why not just make it reusable and increase crafting cost to 30k credits? :)

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Yes I do agree I have no use for my fieldron smaples and detonite samples etc.. and the 12h is WAY too high since i can just do invasions to get the stuff way easier


Yeah, what I've been getting in four days is: approx. 24 fieldrons from invasions, compared to 8 crafted...

Not to mention you waste some useful resources (like plastids or polymer bundle) in crafting, and you get 3 time less amount. :|

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I cant remember the last time I bought a bp for any of these. Are you all sure that the BPs aren't reusable? Also I agree with that but fieldrons and the like are part of an old system that motivated us to use plat to rush craftables.

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