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Some Archwing Challenges Become Illogical (And New Archwing Challenges)


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Hello all,


This thread will detail some unique mission challenges for the Archwing missions, so that players can try to achieve them, while not having any impossible challenges that is only possible in non-Archwing missions. The content is below: 


With Archwing missions, players still have mission challenges that grant reward Affinity when it is completed. However, some challenges cannot be completed in Archwing missions, simply because: 


1. The weapon carried is not the right type (e.g.: Having an Imperator when the challenge asks for 10 melee kills). 

2. It is basically impossible to do it (e.g.: Hacking a console in an Archwing mission). 


Thus, to rectify the first problem, a suggestion is to merge the 'Pistol Master', 'Rifleman', and 'Swordsman' into one challenge for the Archwing: 


Weapons Expert: Kill 30 enemies with the equipped weapon (Reward Affinity: 5,000 XP). 


To rectify the second problem, a suggestion is to make new challenges to replace the impossible ones: 


Acrobatic Kill (replacing Style Kill): Kill 5 enemies just after doing a dodge roll (after = 0.75 - 1 second) (Reward Affinity: 5,000 XP).


Sniper (replacing Stealth): Kill an enemy from more than 500m away (Reward Affinity: 5,000 XP) (If Melee weapon [will be called Efficiency], then it becomes slicing two [maybe three?] enemies simultaneously for two [maybe three?] times).


Speed Run (replacing Hacker): Get chased by enemies and not get hit for more than 500m (Reward Affinity: 1,000 XP).


Please note that these are rough drafts, and will be edited over time based on feedback.


Please take the time to read this thread, and provide constructive criticism and feedback. 



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I did try pressing the swap weapon button, and it does not seem to work. 

Just like in normal missions, you have to hold the weapon swap button to switch to melee. However, since there are no melee stances in Archwing, this will only serve to let you block and charge your melee weapon. 

You can also just tap your melee attack button for quick melee attack while using your gun.

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