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Why Are The Elemental Damage Mods Better Than Ips Mods, And What Can Be Done To Fix It?


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So one thing I hear and notice is that (outside of a few weapons) it is mostly better to focus on Elemental Damage Mods in builds as they do more damage regardless of enemy resistances/weaknesses, and I was curious as to why that was? 


Is it just the way the damage is calculated, or is ti because of some other reason?


And my second question is that if thats the case, what can be done to make IPS Mods comparable to the Elemental Mods? Do the Elemental Mods need a nerf, do the IPS Mods need buffs, should one be strictly altered or do they both require changes?

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well anyway elemental dmg is taken from all dmg AND it has the highest effects towards certain enemy types, thats basically the reason it gets taken instead of physical dmg mods since those only increase one specific dmg type namely their own and only scale with that sole dmg type



weapon with 100base dmg

33 puncture

33 impact

33 slash


Now elemental dmg is taken from ALL the dmg so namely 100dmg

= 90 electricity dmg


Physical dmg is only taken from 1 stat so slash mod 90% from slash dmg 33

= 29.7


90> 29.7


A way to fix it would be too get the physical dmg mods to increase by base dmg as well and not by their respective stat


Furthermore if you have elemental dmg weapons the mod will grant you 0 dmg increase whatsoever since there is no base Physical dmg existing

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I think it's a combination of things. Mostly elemental damages provide bigger facion-specific damage bonuses (e.g. 75% bonus against Corpus with Magnetic), not to mention their status effects are far more useful in the long run than the physical damages. Viral and corrosive stat reductions are mega-useful in endless void and the like.


There's also the point Seyenas raised about the IPS mods only working from the individual base stat, rather than drawing from overall weapon damage.

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hmmmmmmm may be because im on the german client and never heard of it :D


No, mate, I was sarcastic :) I've never heard of it, think the guy just invented it... xD

As far as I know, that would stand for "images per second" or "internet payment system"

or "intrusion preventon system", or even "indian police service", but I've never seen anyone using it for

"Impact, puncture, slash", which is not really common thing that needs an abbreviation, you'd probably agree :)

It can also be "impact slash puncture" but someone would probably confuse ISP for "internet service provider" x'D

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