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Wtb Archwing Mods (Paying Well!)

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Below is a list of all the mods i'm buying:


Argon Plating

Auxillary Power

Efficient Transferral

Energy Amplifier

Energy Inversion

Enhanced Durability

Hyperion Thrusters (Paying a Lot More if Maxed)

Morphic Transformer

Superior Defenses

System Reroute (Paying a Lot More if Maxed)


Plat is not an issue. So post if you have a fair offer to make. 


PM me here or post on this thread. I won't be online until about 6 pm MST. 

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Well, a simple yes or no would of sufficed. Plus I have no idea when exactly 6PM MST is.


Someone needs to learn how to tell time then. 6 PM MST is 6 PM Mountain Standard Time. So, 7 hours from now. (Google is a helpful tool if you don't understand Time Zones, just saying)


In short: No, I'm not online.

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