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The Adventures Of Bob And Rolf !


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This is a Story about 2 Heroes, Bob the Drone and Rolf the Roller.



Even if they were completely useless the whole mission long,
and achieved completly nothing, we still loved them and made us happy.
They were useless but nonetheless they had a place in our squad.They fought like brave warriors,
Rolf poked them with his spikes, Bob slapped them with his wings and made a preety good job distracting the grineer. We lost them several times throughout the mission because Bobs and Rofls AI was completly broken but they always came back.


Out of nowhere Rolf and Bob target one specific Grineer they absolutely don't like,

till today we don't know what he has done to them but one thing was for sure he HAD to die.



They fought pretty hard for their little AI,
I cant describe in words i was glad to see these 2 glorious warriors,
a fight i won't forget that fast.




The Almighty grineer seemed invincible.

But then out of nowhere Rolf and Bob our glorious Saviours forced their Powers together for one hit for one last hit that will decide the end.



This my fellow Tenno was the day 2 Heroes were born.
You will be loved Bob the Drone and Rolf the Roller forever in our Hearts <3

This message will remain forever in remembrance, you don't have to be a big Drone or Roller but your heart has to be on the right Spot

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