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Not So Much A Bug As It Is A Complaint And A Suggestion.


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With the introduction of the Archwing comes a new controller binding that conflicts with the old settings I used to use on my ps3 controller, which is using a program to mimic the control layout of the xbox360 gamepad. The big offender : the L1 button. Before U15 that button was mapped for power usage and I'm perfectly fine with the whole 'power menu' thing. It's quick and convenient for when running around as a space ninja, but as soon as I hop into the archwing, guess what I can't use : my powers via the L1 button. Instead, it's mapped to going "up" in the archwing and I can't remap it or I'll lose that function. So instead, I have to resort to trying to use the default controls which work fantastic when you're flying around in the archwing, but as soon as you get back into being a regular ol' space ninja, in order to do that fancy jump/roll thing to zip around the level, I have to use the L1 button (slide) while somehow managing to hit the X button (jump) and the O button (melee) but not before hitting the sprint button (L3 i think) and that's only less annoying if I have Sprint set to Toggle.

Add in the chance that I may try to be weapon channeling at some point, thus I have to figure out how to be able to touch R2 during all of this if I wanna make like a nimbly bimbly ninja-squirrel zipping around the place with a badass glowy sword. All this action just to do what I used to be able to do in a relaxed state is basically killing my hands with how 'hard' I have to grip the controller to make all of these things happen at once.  


I think all of this could be avoided if the control schemes for the ninja and the archwing were somehow split up. I understand if this is not possible, and that the control scheme is based sort-of on the controller bindings used in the console version of Warframe (I own the ps4 and have played Warframe on it a bit) but with these latest additions, it's becoming increasingly harder for me to handle the game the way I used to. So if at ALL possible, I think this is something you guys could look into. Split control schemes. That way I could have my custom uber-ninja control scheme for when I wanna be just a space-ninja, and then I could use the default controls for the archwing. 

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