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Echoes Of The Lost Age Now Recruiting.


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           Echoes Of the Lost Age




We are a small clan looking for new members.


We started out just as a couple of friends who enjoy playing Warframe and now we are looking to grow a little

in numbers and enjoy what the game has to offer.


Who are we looking for?


We are looking for  players new to the game or seasoned players. All are welcome.

We offer new players a friendly enviroment where you can learn the game and help is at hand should you require it.

This is a mature casual clan and as such we want to create a style of play where you can jump on and play with friendly people for as little or as long as you want to play.  We understand that real life comes first and people work for a living. All we ask is that you be respectful to other members. Try to be active and participate in squads. Are you away for a while, then no problem just let us know its no big issue.


Our ambition is to grow the clan and should we get enough members we can progress to the next level.

You will be a valued member here where you can make a difference and help us grow. And make some new friends along the way.


We have a Dojo which is advancing daily. Any help in contributing to the Dojo would be greatly appreciated. We are a English speaking clan.


We do use Raidcall to speak with each other which is free to download and of course a mic is required. This is not by any means a requirement but we would encourage the use of it so we can help members and it is easier than typing in game.


We have English and American members at this present time.


If this sounds of interest to you or you want to know any more details drop me a message with your in game name or message Hungryfool. Please be patient as we have jobs and work full time, but we will reply as soon as possible.


Thanks for reading.


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