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Give Syndicate Sigils Some Value Besides The Visuals.


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I have noticed that reputation is capped. Back when I had only the basic sigil, once I hit 5000 I couldn't gather any more reputation. 


Now that I have purchased my first allegiance upgrade to rank 2, I can go as far as 22000. I bet that reaching that point, I will hit another rep cap. 


So I propose simple extra features for sigils.


USABILITY RULE: Sigils are a cosmetic, so they are not supposed to add particular gameplay bonus, otherwise it would defeat the variety of availability. The only gameplay bonus acceptable is what they already do: You have to wear one to gain reputation with that syndicate.



Each sigil beyond the basic one would grant the player +10% max reputation (raise the cap), and give the player a 2% bonus reputation gain. Those would be cumulative. It also counts for reputation loss for opposed and enemy syndicates. 


Those bonuses are cumulative with the number of sigils you have, and you gain the bonus by OWNING the sigils, not wearing them; So, as long as you wear one of them, you get the cumulative bonus of all of them. 


The reputation gain bonus only takes effect if you are wearing a sigil - any sigil - of that syndicate, AND if your reputation is positive. To climb out of being a pariah, you will have to earn each point (it has a low cap for minimum reputation anyway). 


This wouldn't characterize "cosmetics affecting gameplay" exactly, since the actual action-gameplay would be unaffected. It would reward dedication-specialization for the player though. It would also be a nice incentive for acquiring sigils. 

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I don't think Sigils should have anything to do with the reputation themselves as it is. They pitched them as customization. When they have such gameplay relevance, their use as cosmetics is completely destroyed.

How we still use them and when you reach max level you can wear whatever you want even if it gives a low bonus

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Read again.


The sigils would not have different stats from each other, any can be used. It's just that having them unlocked would give you bonus rep according to how many you have already unlocked, and the max rep you can accumulate is raised.


This does not impede or "destroy" in any way the cosmetic usability of sigils. They are all still equal, having only a "grand strategy" effect, not a gameplay effect. 

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