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A List Of Recently Encountered Bugs


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This is basically my list of currently encountered bugs that should probably be fixed. I'll add to it when I encounter another.



- Drahks don't properly understand terrain and will get stuck inside rocks and walls on Earth's Jungle.



- Europa has issues with camera spawning.



- Oberon (and all warframes) have neck problems.


- Rigor mortis? Either way, this guy needs some leg exercise - he seems a little stiff.



- Cover system 1.0 confirmed. Yes, the AI is taking cover when there isn't anyone on the other side.



- Enemy ragdolls do this a lot. Not sure what the trigger is - projectiles? - but they distort into horrors far worse than visions of the Old Ones.



- Rollers have odd pathing on the Grineer Asteroid base tileset.



- The Grineer Galleon tileset has a room with a massive turret. On the two ends there is a staircase leading to room exits and in the middle is another corridor exit. If you know the place, then there are these pipe refinery things (from the corridor exit; go forward to the end of it, look right and you should be able to tell that the picture was taken from behind what you can see).




- Zeplens and asteroids don't collide properly with enemies, meaning you'll have a Dargyn shooting at you from inside a space rock which you can't kill.


- Either the FOV goes too far out, or you and your Archwing become midgets. I don't remember being that small.




- Ceres Defense alert went badly wrong when the Artifact didn't stay on the tram. When the tram moved, the artifact floated in mid-air and didn't move. As a result, enemies had no idea what to do and had reduced spawns (I think), not moving at all.




- Ceres Defense again. There's certain spots where the AI will break. For example, underneath all the stairs except the one opposite the beginning defense position. The second spot is the top walkway's railing of the secondary defense position - since the AI moves in a straight line towards the defense objective, they become stuck on the railing rather than moving 5 metres to the left and taking the stairs.



- The Corpus Outpost tileset for Interception (the walkways above the slope) has a major issue when enemy Crewmen are attempting to capture point D. Whenever they attempt to access the terminals, they will sink through the floor and re-appear in an open container, often stuck in the pose where they're accessing a terminal.


- A notable bug with all Interception missions is sometimes, when you join an in-progress game, the UI will not properly appear. For example, you can't see the small symbols for A, B, C and D next to the minimap and what their current status is.


- Asteroid Interception causes enemies to often attempt to run at the Defense objective rather than the actual objectives of the mission. AI pathing overlap sounds like a technical term that would work (hey, I'm no programmer).



- Interception missions use the "Wave 5, Wave 10, Wave 15" integers rather than the Interception "Round 1, Round 2, Round 3".




- No idea what triggers it, but a large X appears over the Arsenal and if you try access it, the camera remains in place while the character can walk around wherever without being seen. I've always wondered what the Tenno do when we log off...



- My Kubrow temporarily stole my Loki's Invisibility mod, I assume. Seriously, my kubrow just disappeared from sight temporarily.



- Inaccessible navigation terminal, plus the hologram went way too far out. Not sure how I did this.


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