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Archwing Appears In Non-Archwing Mission, Makes Body Vanish


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Second bug report today.


I jumped into an excavation mission on venus and instantly noticed...this.




It didn't impact my game at all, no crashes, no other visual glitches, completed everything fine. My torso was just invisible and there as an archwing. Here's some other images.






Hope this helps!

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Me too. I was going from an Archwing mission to the new halloween mission on Earth, and was put into a game that was already going. I don't think I did anything unusual, it just kinda happened. Appears to be purely cosmetic, no other glitches noticed.

I would upload more pics for the devs, but I don't know how at the moment...

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Happened to me, and I got a video of it in case any aspects of the animations or remnants of the frame would be a clue to the devs of what's going on.  Note that I did NOT enter any archwing mission since starting the client.


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