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Syndicate Specter Ai (Needs To Prioritize Following Us)


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I have had the pleasure of using 3 of the 6 & I have found that unlike our Tenno Specters that will follow & teleport to our location frequently, the Syndicate Specters behave a little too much like their enemy brothers.


My Shield Drone was feeling a little brave & decided to stare down enemies it couldn't attack. I wouldn't mind this as much if it were shooting them outside of it's imagination.


My Corrupted Lancer kept up for a little while but after fighting a few enemies it decided to plant itself behind cover & insisted on staying there after I left the area. 


The Roller Eximus isn't my favorite but it kept up with my sprinting pace, perfectly. Like the MOAs do in Invasions. 



Could we get a patch/tweak/fix for this? 

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