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[Suggestion] Affinity Boosters/credit Boosters


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So for everyone out there that has bought one of the two, or both. You might have realized that the time on the boosters is used up even when your offline.


~The Idea~

Time only is used up when playing the game


Now I know this may seem stupid to most people, but in my eyes its a great idea.


Example: Say you buy the 7 day booster for both affinity/credit. 


~ You have problems come up for work lets say, you need to stay late for each day of the week so you dont get the full time you deserve out of your purchase of the boosters.


~ A family member starts to have problems (Hospital, Very sick, Death)


There are many things that can go wrong in life keeping you from earning all the time you deserve for your boosters.

= If you agree with me on this, (for boosters to only be used up when playing), say something people! =

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The only reason I bought a booster in the first place was to see how they worked, When I had them I noticed the Affinity booster did not work for weapons and or the warframe, now and then I saw 200 Affinity, other times I saw 100. So I believe you don't get 200 affinity for one or the other.

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Not a very common approach to Boosters... Their point is to be bought when you plan to play the game a lot for maximum efficiency, or they should actually make you WANT to play the game a lot.


On the other hand, you are the customer and you are the one paying for them, so I can see where you're coming from with this suggestion.


I think Boosters CAN be a bit more lenient, but I hope this suggestion doesn't take it too far and simply distorts their actual goals.


For example, Boosters can decay at a slower pace while you are offline.

Lets say a booster gives you 7x48= 336 Booster Points.

While online, you lose 2 booster points at the beginning of every hour. (1 minute = 2 points, 61 minutes = 4 points, etc.)

While offline, you only lose 1 booster point at the beginning of every hour.


Basically, make boosters "feel sorry" for players who bought them and are unable to play, then give them the chance to play at a slightly postponed date. This would also increase the total length of a booster significantly, of course, so even this halfstep suggestion might need extra tuning.


Sounds fair?

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If it's switched to in-game time only, they should reflect that in the time it lasts for lets say the average person aims their booster at a weekend of hardcore gaming, that's about 24 hours over 3 days. The 7 day should be about 60 hours by direct math, 40 if you consider 4 hours each evening and 10 on the weekends.

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