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Wts/wtt Rubedo-Lined Barrel (Arch-Rifle Damage)

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Trade it for:

10 plat

Morphic Transformer (power strengh of Archwing)

Superior Defenses (Shield Recharge Rate of an Archwing)

System Reroute (Archwing's Power Efficiency)

Efficient Transferral (Power Duration of Archwing)

Automatic Trigger (Arch-gun fire speed)

Dual Rounds (Arch-gun multishot)

Electrified Barrel(Arch-gun electric damage)

Venomous Clip (Arch-gun toxic damage)


any part of scindo prime but the BP


Also accept this stances:

Crimson dervish

Crushing ruin

Gnashing payara

Shattering storms

Stalking Fan


I'm Not selling what i posted above, only selling my Rubedo-lined Barrels or trading them for one of the items above..

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