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New Clan Awaiting New And Old Members That Want To Start Anew.


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Welcome to the Cursed Kingdom.

I jest started the Clan a day a go and plan to make this Number One.With the help of u tenno i can.

The Rules are this

Play good with Others and have fun of course.

Right now i'm making an emblem if your interested.

I'm also looking to give High Promotion to tenno that give a hand in the uprising of the Clan.

Please consider and thank u for reading, if u have any question or wanting to join Message Me


                                                                                                                     PSN: VireFox 

HA HA HA seem like its not time for us to rise yet. sry for saying it but this clan not working find another one hopefully.

maybe next year i'll do this so bye for now :) 

Edited by (PS4)VireFox
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