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Hey there! Welcome to my trading shop, where I will select my finest and latest finds and give them to unoccupied space in the shop lists. I will be only accepting platinum and selling these mods for the lowest-to-medium prices from WarframeTrading website, the link for it can be found here; http://wftrading.net/.


Feel free to either comment below, hit me up with a Personal Message in-game or add me in-game. Commenting below would be my recommendation however, since timezones are a b**ch.


IGN: Y0she

Timezone: GMT (United Kingdom)


Besides all that; have fun browsing!




- 1x Rank 2 Jagged Edge - 15 Platinum

- 2x Unranked Sundering Strike - 2 Platinum each

- 1x Unranked Virulent Scourge - 10 Platinum


- 1x Unranked Accelerated Blast - 5 Platinum

- 1x Rank 1 Frigid Blast - 15 Platinum

- 1x Unranked Seeking Force - 15 Platinum


- 1x Unranked Metal Auger - 4 Platinum

- 1x Unranked Wildfire - 3 Platinum

- 1x Unranked Charged Chamber - 5 Platinum


- 1x Unranked Lethal Torrent - 3 Platinum


- 1x Unranked Quick Thinking - 15 Platinum

- 1x Unranked Intensify - 5 Platinum

- 1x Unranked Stretch - 2 Platinum

- 1x Unranked Fortitude - 4 Platinum






- 1x Reaper Handle - 5 Platinum

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