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Limbo Ultimate Bugs


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tested in dark sector defense in pluto :
- my 3rd skill should give me minimum 3x damage boost (base multiplier is 3x and I got around +20% power strength) but when I test the damage, it's only a 2x boost. I've tested it with my ultimate + 3rd skill.
- if I read correctly on the wiki, my 3rd skill should increase all damage source against enemies in the rift. but when I use my ultimate and my 3rd skill, my teamates don't get this boost. When I've tested this, it works to boost the damage of a nova's ultimate in my team but only if I kill the 1st enemy to make others explode. ( even though this boost was only a 2x multiplier)

about topic, more "3rd skill buff bug" than "ultimate bugs", my bad.

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