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Now this is a syndicate idea, it would help boost most of it's prizes along with each progression and make them meaningful. Please hear me out... I have no idea how to code in these forums, normally I have a guide or shortcut.

basics : http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Syndicates


The first image shows :
Syndicate progression :
Where the player is able to choose from the beginning, where first you choose a syndicate.

Then, after choosing one you must work with them and earn points. Reaching higher ranks by doing missions wearing their regalia symbols, from titles.








This is where my idea comes in, being able to equip 2 regalia at the same time of the same SYNDICATES.

The current one(beginner) gives you 50%+ of your doings. Now the player will be given out a choice.
Either go for...
1. Buying keys.
2. specters

or still too far from the main reward(mods or others)




This helping giving you a boost, from your current regalia, giving you higher rewards while risking more. But, helping you even more on the long term.




Then my main problem with the regalia, why would I buy more sigils because it "looks cool". Sorry, it just doesn't cut it, all it just seems like a waste on points on my part. So why not give it a purpose where it would actually help the player. Sure, you can't rush it(nor that I am that impatient). It wouldn't necessarily make it easier since you still need to sacrifice and reach around 22K for the highest(EVERY TIME it DOUBLES keep in mind). And keep in mind that you have to wear BOTH for each run you do on every mission you do. Hopefully my point was made.



*These are not ment to be true, these are just for example do not take these numbers seriously(images).

*Please place constructive criticism
*My English is not that good.



EDIT : now with working pictures

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