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Nyx Absorb, No Damage At High Levels


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Basically i've been having issues with Nyx's absorb at high levels of damage. Like around the 30k+. Infact at some times from 20k and I release absorb to do damage, it does nothing. But it's mostly consistent with high amounts of damage packed into it, I have no idea how to replicate it, but it does happen to me A LOT, specially against infested. Nothing like being in the middle of infested and I let Absorb loose and it does nothing. Normally absorb will at least knock them over, but they take no damage, it doesn't even seem to hit them at all.


Yes I know it's doing no damage as no number are popping up, nothing, they don't even lose any health after it goes off. You'd figure a level 50 charger would lose SOME health after a 70K wallop to the face.

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