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Odonata's Disarray.


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Tested multiple times.  Unless you manage to intentionally place one of the orbs directly in the path of a missile, it appears to do nothing.


I would have thought that "Drops flare beacons confusing incoming guided missiles" would mean that it would confuse incoming guided missiles.  It appears that this means "if a missile smacks directly into one of these it explodes, otherwise does nothing" in practice.


Tested multiple times against grineer enemies on Mercury, Earth, and Uranus.


Can't we get these to instead act like chaff or a flare, instead?







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what you're probably experiencing is lag, the missiles didnt see you pop disarray before they hit you.


I was soloing after getting my odonata to level 30, one test was flying backward, using Disarray, and watching what was going on behind me.  Missiles completely ignored disarray.  Happened consistently.  Only time it did anything was when I managed to place the disarray beads between directly myself and the incoming missile.  That's the only case where it acted as any sort of protection.


Another test was flying forward, activating disarray, and turning around to look while flying away backward.  Same thing.


Also tested as host.  Same results.


Also tested as client.  Again, same results.


Tried again, this time staying still, facing toward the incoming missiles.  I'm sure you can guess what happened.


Consider me underwhelmed by this ability.

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